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Just Back from NARUC

Back from San Antonio.  The most interesting panel was a NASUCA panel called:

"Grid-Side Storage:  What do advocates need to consider when evaluating proposals to add battery storage to Utility Systems."

IMG_8732 (2)

Not only is the topic relevant, but also three of the four panel members are from Arizona.  Residential Utility Consumer Office Director Jordy Fuentes moderated.  Then we had ACC Chairman Bob Burns and APS Vice President Barbara Lockwood. 

APS's announcement that it wants to install an additional 850 MW of batteries by 2025 has been made more complicated by a recent fire.   Obviously safety is their top consideration.  

Barbara Lockwood emphasized that batteries have to be affordable and reliable and that economics drives all of their planning decisions, but that the decisions are more complex than just cost.    

Chairman Burns said that the ACC is redesigning the IRP process to rely on my stakeholder input.  

If you have any questions about the presentation, give me a call.  



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