Kennedy Letter on the Brandt Contract
Retail Electric Competition: Responses from Industrial Consumer Groups

APS Response to Kennedy letter about Rate Comparison Tool

Recall that the APS Rate Comparison Tool website sent 12,000 customers to the incorrect rate.  APS President Jeff Guldner addressed the issue for 6 hours at the December Open Meeting.  The APS investigation has traced the source of the problem to a February 2019 software update.  All of the customers were billed properly, but for some of them, the advise from the rate tool was incorrect.  

Com. Kennedy issued a letter a few weeks ago (see entry below) in which she pointed to problems before February 2019 and argued that APS had not correctly identified the problem. 

APS VP of Regulatory Affairs has issued a response in which the company explains the complaint that occurred before the February update.

Normally, I would not devote so much time to this issue, but it is very important to the ACC and to the company--plus, it has received a lot of media attention so I want to make sure that you can follow it if you are interested.  



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