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APS to Stay out of future ACC Elections

Jeff Guldner spent yesterday afternoon testifying at the ACC Open Meeting and he big takeaway was that he committed not to participate in any ACC elections.  

Prior to 2014, it would have been unthinkable for APS (Actually PNW) to participate in elections, however in 2014, the company secretly spent over $10 million dollars to back two Republican candidates.  The company did the same in 2016, but did so openly.  The FBI and justice department have an ongoing investigation into the 2014 spending.  

The company had previously refused to commit to stay out of future ACC races, so Guldner's announcement is a major policy shift.


Retail Politics

IMG_9474Arizona is a pretty big state, but politics is still retail.  Since I am a Precinct Committeeman, I was required to attend the Maricopa County Republican organizational meeting on Saturday and ran into Commissioner Leah Marquez Petersen.  I signed her nominating petition but I also spilled coffee on it, so I'm sure that she had mixed feelings about me stopping by.  She was, however, nice enough to take a picture with me. 

APS President Jeff Guldner to speak at Tuesday's Open Meeting


APS President Jeff Guldner will testify in front of the ACC again this Tuesday.  Here is the Agenda item.


Arizona Public Service Company (E-01345A-19-0003) - Discussion, consideration and possible vote regarding the APS rate comparison tool, implementation of effective Customer Outreach and Education Program, and proforma billing.

Arizona Public Service Company ( E-01345A-19-0005 and E-01345A-19-0043) – In The Matter of the Commission's Inquiry/Investigation into the Campaign Expenditures and Political Participation of Arizona Public Service Company and Its Affiliates, Subsidiaries and Pinnacle West Capital Corporation in the Election Periods of 2012, 2014 and 2016; In the Matter of the Commission's Investigation into the Political Spending of Arizona Public Service Company and Its Affiliates, Including Pinnacle West Capital Corporation. Discussion and questions related to documents submitted by Arizona Public Service Company in response to Commissioners. Discussion and questions related to Commissioner Kennedy’s letters to Arizona Public Service dated November 27, 2019 and December 19, 2019.


I'm a Fann...

Fann and PattersonLast Thursday I had the opportunity to host a luncheon with Senate President Karen Fann.  She discussed her priorities for the upcoming Legislative Session.  Those priorities are budget, budget, budget.  They are looking for a short, efficient session.  

Here is some background on the Senate President.

About Karen Fann

Senator Karen Fann (AZ-District 1) is a lifelong Republican, raised on conservative rural values by her hardworking parents, Jim and Sylvia Fann. She moved with her family to Prescott at the age of four.

Karen is the owner and CEO of a highway construction company specializing in the installation of guardrail and signs throughout the State of Arizona, which recently celebrated its 36th business anniversary. Her business was started in 1984 with $500 and has grown steadily to become Arizona's largest guardrail company, with 40 employees.

In addition to the guardrail company, Karen and her husband Jim owned and operated the equine facility FANN-M Ranch for nine years. The FANN-M Ranch provided services to boarded horses, produced equine competitions and worked with local 4-H clubs and other nonprofit organizations for community fundraisers.

Prior to becoming a local business owner, Karen gained four years of experience in the legal field and ten in the airport/ airline industry; she later obtained her license as an Arizona Realtor. She is a licensed contractor with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors; past president of Yavapai County Contractors Association; and past president, Prescott Chapter, of the National Association of Women in Construction.

Her dedication to community led Karen to serve on numerous committees and boards, representing Central Arizona, as well as, the Town of Chino Valley, where she was Mayor for six years. Her four years of service on the Prescott City Council included Mayor Pro Tem.



Freeport is looking for a Regulatory Strategy Specialist.

This looks interesting

Under limited supervision, this position requires identification, analysis, reporting, and recommendations on a wide variety of utility ratemaking and energy policy issues inside a sophisticated energy supply organization operating within many jurisdictions often as the largest consumer.  Coordinates between internal and external partners to ensure operations have access to sustainable, reliable and cost-effective power supply options.  Responsible for a variety of business and administrative activities that may include financial analysis, accounting, reconciliations, and billing related to providing power to mining operations.   









Resource Planning workshop will be March 10th and 11th

The Alliance has been participating in the Integrated Resource planning process since 2001.  For the past few cycles, we have been encouraging the Commission to change the IRP process in order to make it more robust and effective.  We believe that the ACC should approve (instead of simply "Acknowledge" the utility's plan and that the ACC should have to approve any material variations from the plan.  

The ACC would also like to move much of the planning function from the utilities to the ACC.  This would give the ACC much more input over the entire process.  

We support these changes.  Here is the announcement and Docket number.  



Stakeholder Meeting and Workshop


In the Matter of Possible Modification to the Rules on Resource Planning and Procurement, Arizona Administrative Code R14-2-701 et seq.; Renewable Energy Standard and Tariff, R-14-2-1801 et seq.; Electric Energy Efficiency Standards, R14-2-2401 et seq.; and Gas Utility Energy Efficiency Standards, R14-2-2501 et seq.


Docket No. RU-00000A-18-0284


Tuesday, March 10, 2020 and Wednesday, March 11, 2020 at 10:00 a.m.


Retail Access Stakeholder Workshop will be on Feb 25th and 26th

The AzCPA has long supported retail access. Our view is that there are essentially two models--vertically integrated and competitive--and that the competitive model is further divided into retail and wholesale.  While most of our efforts have been focused on ensuring a competitive wholesale market, we believe that consumers benefit from a competitive retail market as well.   

The ACC has made several attempts at retail access...the latest ended in 2013.  It's a long process and we are starting it again.  The title and docket info are below.  I will cover the meeting on the 25th and 26th.  Let me know if you would like more information.   


In the Matter of Possible Modifications to the Arizona Corporation Commission's Retail Electric Competition Rules

Docket No. RE-00000A-18-0405