Coolidge Expansion
APS Sues the ACC over SCRs and ROE

Interim Study Committee on Electric Issues

The House Speaker and Senate President have appointed AZCPA Director Greg Patterson to an interim study committee on electric issues.  

Click Here for a copy of the Announcement.

Membership of the nine-person committee includes legislators and others that are jointly appointed by
Speaker Bowers and President Fann:

Representative Gail Griffin – CO-CHAIR (R-14)
Senator Sine Kerr – CO-CHAIR (R-13)
Representative Sarah Liguori (D-28)
Senator Lisa Otondo (D-4)Malcolm Hightower, Director, Residential Utility Consumer Office
Greg Patterson, Executive Director, Arizona's Competitive Power Alliance
Russ Patzer, President, Arizona Solar Deployment Alliance
Ted Geisler, Chief Financial Officer, Arizona Public Service
Bobby Olsen, Senior Director, Salt River Project


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