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Next RPAC meeting

Arizona Public Service hosts a "Resource Planning Advisory Council"  Here is the latest update.  (Let me know if you would like additional information about the RPAC Meetings.)

Good Afternoon RPAC Participants,

We are preparing material and agenda for the upcoming meeting June 7th. As we continue to facilitate and provide industry updates and information related to resource acquisition and planning, we are focused on the headwinds and challenges around project development. We are looking at setting aside some agenda and meeting time to hear perspectives from you all as you would like to volunteer to share them related to that. We have identified and divided some of the challenges into a few general areas including:

  • Equipment delivery logistics and cost
  • Manufacturing workforce COVID lockdowns
  • Dept. of Commerce AD/CVD investigation
  • Commodity price volatility
  • Interconnection and permitting activities

If you would like to share a perspective on one of the above aspects, we would ask that you respond by June 1st, letting us know and which topic you would be talking to. We appreciate and value the open discussion and Q&A after each topic is covered and that is always an opportunity for interaction as well.





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