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Supreme Court Rules Southpoint Plant Subject to Tax

Tax Normalization Meeting with Congressman Schweikert

SchweikertInvestor owned utilities are pushing an amendment to the federal budget reconciliation bill that would allow them to opt out of Investment Tax Credit Normalization requirements.  This selective opt out would incentivize monopoly utilities to self-build rather than enter contracts with third parties.  Independent Power Producers oppose the change as anti-competitive and have urged members of Congress not to adopt the change.   The AZCPA is planning to submit comments similar to the ones below.  Additionally, we hosted a conference call with Arizona Congressman David Schweikert who is a member of the Ways and Means Committee.   

Mr. Schweikert is quite familiar with the intricacies of utility taxation and it was a productive call.  

Here is a Wall Street Journal article on the issue.  The article quotes Dan Nelson who was on the call.  Here's additional information from SEIA.  Factsheet-Normalization






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