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City of Coolidge votes to Limit Solar Development

From the Coolidge Examiner:

COOLIDGE — Members of the Coolidge citizens’ committee aimed at preserving farmland and stopping the spread of solar projects clapped and rejoiced Monday night as the City Council voted to approve the removal of solar facilities from the list of permitted uses on local agricultural land.

An effort that has been nearly a year in the making — involving cooperation between the citizens’ committee, Development Services Director Gilbert Lopez and City Manager Rick Miller to move forward two zoning code amendments to the council — has proven successful following a unanimous approval of both.

New Mexico Energy Conference

The US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce hosted a national energy conference in Santa Fe earlier this month.  Here is link to the Agenda.   Give me a call if you would like to get a summary of the full conference.  This was a great panel that includes Arizona Corporation Commission Chairwoman Leah Marquez Peterson as well as Jeremy Turner from Pattern Energy.  



SRP Technical Conference

In the previous post I mentioned that SRP held a Stakeholder meeting last week.  The company also hosted the first of several technical conferences that will get into the details of how the company constructs the forecasts.  The  technical Working Session 1 Slide Deck is quite general, but will give you an overview of where the company is going.  Here's the slide that provides the contact information and schedule.  

Srp technical


SRP Stakeholder Meeting

Salt River Project held its first Stakeholder meeting since the ACC's rejection of the Coolidge Expansion Project.  Everyone wants to know what the company is going to do now that they have an 800 MW whole in their capacity plan.  

The short answer is that they are going to expand the short list in the current RFP.  But what if you didn't bid into that RFP?  Are you frozen out?  The company says that they will entertain unsolicited bids and that they are putting together a new RFP.  Here's the full slide deck.