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SunZia in the News

David Getts is the longest serving board member of the New Mexico Independent Power Producers and the Arizona Competitive Power Alliance.  David recently addressed the annual meeting of the Energy Bar in Washington DC.  This article covers his remarks on the SunZia project.  

WASHINGTON — If SouthWestern Power Group had known how difficult and expensive its SunZia transmission project would be, the company probably wouldn’t have pursued it, General Manager David Getts said.

Getts has been working for 16 years on SunZia, a project to deliver wind power from sparsely populated New Mexico into Arizona for consumption there and in California. It’s taken so long that the company is now on its fourth law firm — and fourth presidential administration, dating back to that of George W. Bush. The Phoenix-based company has spent $200 million to date, thanks to backing from parent MMR Group, a large, privately held electrical contractor based in Baton Rouge, La.


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