SRP Stakeholder Slides

Salt River Project has restarted its Integrated Resource Planning sessions.  The Stakeholder group met virtually yesterday.   Here are the slides.

The slides provide an excellent overview of the direction SRP is going and include estimates of load, scheduled coal retirements and storage updates.  

One interesting tidbit is that SRP is planning to build 4 new combustion turbines at the Coolidge site.  Here is the slide. 

SRP Peaking Slide


AZCPA Annual Energy Conference

1200px-Kyrsten_Sinema_(cropped)The Arizona Competitive Power Alliance is celebrating its 20th year!  Each year we host an Energy Conference...well, almost every year.  US Senator Kyrsten Sinema was scheduled to by our 2020 Keynote speaker.  That conference was in the post-COVID, Pre-zoom era, so it didn't happen.  

This year we hosted the meeting via Zoom and Senator Sinema reprised her role as keynote and we added APS President Jeff Guldner and ACC Chairwoman Lea Marquez-Peterson as additional VIP speakers.  

Slides from the APS Advisory Council Meeting

In order to formalize stakeholder input, the new ACC Energy Rules require the utilities to form a Resource Planning Advisory Council (RPAC).  I’ve been appointed to the APS Council in my capacity a Alliance Director.  This is a great opportunity to provide input on the front end of the APS planning process.  Naturally, we will still participate in the broader stakeholder process as well as the Integrated Resource Planning process at the ACC.  However, serving on the RPAC provides an opportunity to deal directly with APS early in the process as part of a smaller stakeholder group. 

Here are the slides from the April 15th APS RPAC Presentation

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. 



22 Years of Transmission

About the time we formed the Arizona Competitive Power Alliance in 2001, the ACC began a process to assess transmission needs.  They decided to up date the report every two years--hence the "Biennial Transmission Assessment."  I'm pleased to say that are now working on our 11th Biennial Transmission Assessment.  Here is the agenda and video.

If you are looking for summaries of individual projects, then this presentation from August 7th will have the information that you are seeking.  Here's the agenda and here's the video.  

Here's a screen shot from the Sun Zia presentation.

Sun zia BTA screen shot






APS Stakeholder Meeting

APS is hosting a stakeholder meeting on February 23rd.  

Here's the info.

APS will host a virtual IRP stakeholder meeting on Tuesday, February 23, 2021 from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. to discuss a number of topics and receive feedback.  The meeting agenda will include:

  • RFP Update
  • 2020 Review and 2021 Updates
  • 2021 DSM Implementation Plan
  • Transportation Electrification Update
  • Coal Communities Transition Overview
  • Energy Rules Overview
  • Resource Planning Advisory Council Development and Timeline

Please RSVP by Friday, February 19.  We look forward to the discussion and hearing from you.




When I served in the Arizona House of Representatives I was surprised by the complexity of Government--and especially the number of acronyms.  At one point I asked a committee analyst for an explanation of what they all meant and she said that I needed to consult the LOA.  Naturally, I had no idea what the LOA was and she pointed me to the back of my budget book which contained a "List of Acronyms."

I try not to rely too heavily on jargon or acronyms--but sometimes you just can't help it.  I'm sure if you are even remotely interested in this blog then you will know that Public Service Company of New Mexico has filed its Integrated Resource Plan.  It's possible however that you needed a link.  Here you go.